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Can you buy a property in Costa del Sol for 100k EUR?

A few clients asked us if it was still possible to find properties in the Costa Del Sol area for around €100,000. The clients have investment capital ready and have heard that you can still buy something in Spain for that money.

From the databases of properties currently available for sale we can find apartments with at least one bedroom and one bathroom starting around €70.000. Studios start even lower.

The 7% property tax and other transfer fees need to be taken into account. The minimum price is therefore around 80.000 EUR which is slightly below 2 mio CZK.

At this price point you can’t expect much. Usually, these apartments are in the center of urbanized places like Torremolinos or Benalmadena, therefore far away from the sea. Almost all of them are indoor looking, sometimes even with no windows at all. There can be other obstacles like its position at high floor with no elevators or in need of serious reconstruction.

This can serve as a special purpose investment which we can discuss further but doesn’t meet the criteria of a vacation home.

Places to be considered as vacation homes are starting around €100.000. Meaning around €115.000 with taxes or 2.8 mio CZK. At this price point we can find apartments in beachfront areas or at least with (limited) sea views and generally in a good shape, ready to move in. The main drawback is usually square size. One such example we present here:

click on image to download PDF with full description

These places are in high demand and usually in and out of the market quickly. Potential clients need to be ready to act very fast, and have all requirements ready as well as funds disposable for the deposit.

If the client's requirements mention 2 bedrooms or a more prestige location, offers start around €150.000 with taxes. One such apartment with 2 bedrooms we present below. Notice the size is almost double to the previous place.

In the same category we can find one bedroom apartments in popular destinations such as Mijas Costa also featuring own garden. Click on the image below to find out more.

Generally at €200.000 price point the selection widens and clients can select from a vast selection based on location, disposition, proximity to the sea, etc. You can get inspired in our past research.

Reach out to us to help you find your ideal vacation home or investment project.


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